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eBay Hire Enters the Busy Local Service Marketplaces Space to Compete with TaskRabbit

The giant may quickly grow the market with strong pressure on incumbents (Read More...)

The Future of Business Models Will Be Centered on Crowds

Whether we say sharing economy, collaborative economy, or crowd business models, we can be sure this is the future. (Read More...)

How Finland’s Open Ministry Is Crowdsourcing Legislation

When citizens are given power they need hackers to help them change the government (Read More...)

The Future of Consolidation in Global Work Marketplaces as Buys vWorker/ RentACoder

How far will consolidation go in service marketplaces? (Read More...)

The Future of Marketing: 7 Critical Applications of Crowdsourcing

Co-creating your products and brand with your customers is at the heart of the future of marketing. (Read More...)

11 Critical Success Factors for Crowd Business Models

The issues driving success for the 8 major crowd business models (Read More...)

Launch of Second Edition of “Getting Results From Crowds” at CrowdConf

An evolving book to match the rapidly-developing world of crowdsourcing (Read More...)

The Wild and Inspiring World of the Future of Crowd Business Models

Insights and inspiration from those who are creating a rich future based on crowds (Read More...)

Come experience Crowd Business Models Summit in San Francisco on October 22

Leaders in crowd business models share insights on the success factors and future opportunities. (Read More...)

Australian Regulators Risk Destroying Crowdfunding by Forcing Viability Assessments

Forcing crowdfunding platforms to assess project viability could maim the industry (Read More...)

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