Contribute to Next Edition

General: What do You Like Most about the Book? What Should We Keep for the Next Edition?

Let us know what you like the most about the book. Certainly any general positive feedback is very welcome, though we'd also like to know what we should be sure to keep for the next edition.

General: What Should be Changed to Make the Next Edition Better?

What are your overall suggestions for how to make the next edition better than the 1st? What springs to mind on length, format, scope, style, missing elements, unnecessary elements, or anything else that we need to consider?

Building on the Crowd Business Models Framework

How can we improve the Crowd Business Models framework, also described in Chapter 22? Are these the right categories, are there any missing, what are different possible ways of slicing these? And what are any suggestions for the monetization mechanisms and success factors - are these the right ones or are there other ones that should be considered?

What’s Missing from “Getting Results From Crowds”?

Crowdsourcing is an enormous space and we have had to be selective on what we covered to fit it into a reasonable sized book. But maybe some of our omissions were too glaring. What have we missed that really needs to be covered in the next version of the book?

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