General: What do You Like Most about the Book? What Should We Keep for the Next Edition?

By | December 19, 2011

Let us know what you like the most about the book. Certainly any general positive feedback is very welcome, though we’d also like to know what we should be sure to keep for the next edition.

  • Christian Smekens

    What do you mean by 2nd edition ? correcting typos :) or new chapters , examples ? have some ideas and concepts on that

  • Ross Dawson

    Hi Christian, we will release an updated version of the book in hopefully 3-4 months.

    Yes it will include additional content that is not covered or well covered in the first edition, though we don’t want to make the book infinitely long – we do have to make some choices about what we include.

    We also want to know if people have different opinions, for example on the issues that should be considered in any of the domain-specific chapters, or better ways to communicate content such as Q&As.

    In short, what will make the book better in your opinion?

    And absolutely, would love to hear if there are any typos! :-)

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