Crowdsourcing services

Below is a list of crowdsourcing services, divided by the categories shown in our Crowdsourcing Landscape.

We are working on including more of the crowdsourcing services we are aware of. If you notice any glaring omissions please let us know in the comments below.

  • Get Viable


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  • Lvrluca

    please, add for Competition platforms

  • Anton

    Add IdeaVibes
    I suppose it could be crowdsourcing platform, since it combines crowdfunding with idea management

    • Ross Dawson

      Yes I think Crowd Platform – it has multiple functionality but that seems to be the core offering. Thanks.

  • Praveen @ startups

    Hi Ross,

    Do have a look at we are a crowdsourced Software Testing platform with with 2500 members.

    • juliannec

      Thanks Praveen, we’ve added it to the “Labour Pools” category :)

  • Aakar Anil

    I hope you’ll add under Microtasks Platform.

    • juliannec

      We sure will Aakar! You will find it under the Microtasks category. Thanks!

  • Guest! Crowdfunding for science research.

    • Julianne Street

      Thanks for the heads up, we’ve added it under the Crowdfunding category :)

    • juliannec

      Thanks for the heads up! We’ve added it to the list under the “crowdfunding” category

  • Callum MacKendrick

    Shapeways under crowd design?

  • Marie Peach-Geraghty

    Could you add us please as a crowd platform?

    • juliannec

      No problem Marie, Crowdicity has been added.

  • Carlos crowdsourcing travel search !

  • BeeCee Crowdsourced Early Warning Service for schools and campuses.

  • John Weidner – crowd sourced remote user testing

  • Joyee

    Hi, Where do you think and fit in here?

  • Ajinkya

    Playment – Assured Quality Microtasking

  • Nithish

    I need a perfect software testing website with crowd. The could be user friendly to the user…

    Anyone can???

    Plz Refer Mre?

  • Mothi Venkatesh

    Amazing list. I hope you will add in this list under microtasks category.

  • Bill Spears Start Your Own Projects Here – crowdsourcing of any kind, with inbuilt project management tools, supported by donations.

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