The Future of Business Models Will Be Centered on Crowds

By | October 16, 2013

Whether we say sharing economy, collaborative economy, or crowd business models, we can be sure this is the future.

Jeremiah Owyang has built a very strong profile in the connected economy over the last decade, first in the social media space, then as an analyst at the high profile Altimeter Group where he soon grew to focus on the collaborative economy.

He has just launched his own venture, very interestingly naming it Crowd Companies.

Jeremiah has created a nice slidedeck on the Future of the Business Model, shown below, which is primarily about crowd business models.

The premise is that in times of great change, business models are being disrupted, yet companies can make changes to become resilient.

Jeremiah points to a ‘New Way’ in the collaborative economy, with the following themes:

1. Purposeful brands

2. Local (and Global)

3. Personalized

4. On demand

5. People share/make

6. Empowered people

Many of these themes and the examples used in the slides are fundamentally those of crowds and crowd business models.

The language around how the participation of many is creating new business models is evolving.

While many refer to the sharing economy and collaborative economy, I still find that crowd business models is one of the most valuable frames.

It’s exciting to see the richness of thinking in how crowds can create value for themselves and others. This will undoubtedly be one of the focal themes of this decade, as Jeremiah clearly believes in establishing his new venture.

Thanks to Thomas Baekdal for the pointer!

  • Jeremiah Owyang

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Yes, everyone company that wants to be resilient, will be a “Crowd Company” (glad you picked up on this)

    • Ross Dawson

      Great choice of name Jeremiah! :-) Really looking forward to seeing where you take your new venture.

  • tonydebree

    Interesting. With one addition….all kinds of crowds and online communities are actually replacing traditional formal organizations.

  • Ross Dawson

    Absolutely Tony, crowd models will be at the heart of most businesses, the shift is already under way…

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