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Crowdsourcing Pioneer Trada Closes Down: Insights and Implications

Crowdsourced search engine marketing company defunct after $17m in funding. (Read More...)

Using Anonymous Employee Feedback Platforms to Drive Better Performance

Platforms where employees give anonymous feedback on organisations provide valuable insight. (Read More...)

Case Studies: Using Crowdsourcing and Mobile to Give the Supply Chain a Voice

Global companies are using mobile technology to gather feedback from supply chain workers in order to improve working conditions. (Read More...)

Why 2015 Will be Another Year of Growth for Elance-oDesk and Freelancer

Service marketplaces like Elance-oDesk and Freelancer are well placed to experience growth in 2015. (Read More...)

Will Local Service Marketplaces Soar Despite the Challenges?

Local service marketplaces have flourished in recent years, but the evolution of some of the key players show there are significant challenges. (Read More...)

Crowdsourcing Patent Research: How Crowdsourcing Is Influencing the Mainstream

Crowdsourcing patent research is a fascinating example of how a crowdsourced business model can start to influence the mainstream, and transform the way things are done. (Read More...)

Is Internal Crowdfunding in the Enterprise Set to Take Off?

A number of companies are experimenting with internal crowdfunding.  This has the potential to be a successful way to spark innovation and evaluate employee-generated ideas. (Read More...)

Managed Crowdsourcing for the Enterprise: the Growth of Private Talent Clouds

Service marketplaces are now offering managed crowdsourcing designed for the enterprise, providing access to a pre-selected crowd through a private web-based interface. (Read More...)

Crowdtesting Success: Why Crowdsourcing User Testing Continues to Grow and Provide Value

Crowdtesting is a successful area of the crowsourcing landscape that provides great value. (Read More...)

8 Implications of Venture Capitalists Getting into Crowdfunding

Is VC crowdfunding the future of venture capital? (Read More...)

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